GREGOR at Night Spectrograph

These pages, as the instrument itself, are under construction. Please be patient with updates!

GANS is a high resolution radial velocity precision spectrograph for night-time use on the 1,5m diameter GREGOR solar telescope at the Observatorio del Teide in Tenerife, Spain.

GANS is optimised for precise radial velocity measurements. It has a high resolving power of R~60000 with 3 arcsec aperture on sky with a 65 um octagonal fibre. The one-shot covered wavelength range is from 470 nm to 680 nm using a 2kx2k CCD with 13 um pixels. The spectrograph is vacuum enclosed and thermally stabilised. Estimated limiting magnitude will be around V~8-9 with RV ~2 m/s.

GANS is foreseen to be operated in a fully robotic fashion including day-to-night operation shifting. It is ideal for high cadence, long-term observations of selected objects, with main aim at pre- and post-launch observations of PLATO and TESS targets.

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